Favorite Pairings

Pairings Header

Pairings Header

Wine and cheese, chips and dip, Britney and Justin – these things obviously go hand-in-hand. Pairings are a beautiful thing, especially when they are food-related. So why not write a post about them? Below is a list of some famous pairings everyone loves, along with some not-so-typical, but equally enjoyable, pairings we can’t live without (and that you should definitely try).


Peanut Butter & Jelly
The classic American brown-bag lunch.

Brad & Jen
Until that bitch Angelina ruined our lives.

St Patrick’s Day & Green Beer
March wouldn’t be the same without it.

Cereal & Milk
Only the best breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snack of all time.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate
Actually, peanut butter and anything.

Cory and Topanga
The model couple of our generation.


Pizza & Champagne
My two favorite things. How can you go wrong?

Goldfish Crackers & Spaghettio’s
Try it. Then you’ll understand.

Vodka & Diet Coke
‘Nuff said

Caitlynn & Tyler
Teen Mom’s only couple you want to root for.

Tequila & Goldschläger
It’s called a conquistador and it changes lives.

Pearl Harbor & Tears
Watching this always brings me to tears because it reminds me of my over-hormonal teen years, unconditional love for Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck and how someday I’ll grow up to be Kate Beckinsale. Oh yeah, and that whole war thing.

What are some of your favorite pairings? I’m always looking for new and exciting things in my life, so please share!

Author: AwkwardVodka

Three Midwestern girls trying to adult, documenting their awkward encounters and providing expert life advice. You're welcome.

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