Easter Candy Ranked Worst to Best

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! A must-read before buying your Easter basket essentials this weekend.

Anything with coconut


Generic Jelly Beans (especially the spiced variety)

Spiced Jelly Beans

Robin Eggs


Chocolate Bunny


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs


Butterfinger Nest Eggs

nest eggs

Starburst Jelly Beans


Cadbury Mini Eggs




Cadbury Creme Egg


10 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Recently engaged and planning a wedding? Read this before you set your date!

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of getting married on New Year’s Eve. But living in the Midwest, this is always bound to be one of the coldest nights of the year.

So when I got engaged almost a year ago, I knew I’d have to do a lot of work to convince my fiance to have our wedding on the date I’ve always wanted. And let me tell you – even though it was -13 degrees that day, it was absolutely perfect. The pictures are beautiful, nothing went wrong, and all of our best friends and family were there to ring in the new year with us  in a cozy, warm banquet hall.

Lucky for me, this was an easy sell. We first met on NYE so the date has a special meaning for us (maybe I’ll write my next post on how to find your soulmate in a crowded bar full of drunk people). But if you’re not so lucky – here are some reasons to use when trying to convince your partner to deal with the cold and snow and set a winter wedding date.

  1. Total romance.
    View More: http://maggierosephotography.pass.us/camann-wells
    We’re pretty cute, I know.

    Candles, fireplace, warm blankets, you can incorporate as many romantic, classy details as you want and it’s completely fitting.

  2. You don’t have to fight friends or family for the date. Since most weddings are in the Spring (although I have to say, a lot of my friends are now choosing Fall over any other season), you won’t have to worry about stealing someone else’s date, or making your guests choose between weddings to attend. The only potential issue would be conflicts with company holiday parties. But we all know everyone hates going to those things, so a wedding is a perfect excuse to miss it!
  3. Save money on decorations. Most event venues and churches are already decorated for Christmas, so you’ll save a lot of money (or time if you’re the DIY type) by using the decor that’s already provided. I had to do nothing to church in which we were married. It was already decked out in greenery, lights and candles. Tadaa!
  4. Better chance of getting your dream venue. Every single wedding-planning timeline I looked at on Pinterest or in magazines led me to believe I needed to book my venue at least a year out. Hello stress! I’m going to let you in on a little secret…if you’re planning for a date in the winter, most all venues will still be open even three months out. And even better yet – a lot of venues offer off-season pricing at a discount.
  5. Flowers. They’re cheap and easy. You don’t have as many choices as in Spring or Summer when the majority of flowers are in bloom. I walked into Whole Foods the day before my wedding and found the perfect bouquets for a total of $60. Boom.
  6. Winterscape pictures. I was adamant against taking photos outside because I am the biggest baby when it comes to cold weather. But I’m so glad my photographer forced me into it. (Full disclaimer – I chugged half a glass of champagne immediately beforehand, so that helped.) Freshly fallen (or falling) snow is the perfect magical setting to capture how happy you and your partner look on that day. Summer backdrops can’t quite do the same.
  7. No strenuous arm workouts. In winter you can get away with wearing a long-sleeve dress to hid your un-toned arms 🙂
  8. It is perfect timing for a honeymoon.
    The view from breakfast on day 2 of our Hawaii honeymoon.

    I’ve had so many friends recommend booking your honeymoon soon after the wedding, or it will never happen. So if you get married in winter, what better than a warm-weather getaway to celebrate your new big commitment to each other! We waited a few weeks after the wedding so we could get our lives back in order, and then jetted off to Hawaii leaving negative temperatures and a foot of snow behind for 10 days and it was HEAVEN.

  9. Hot Cocoa Bar. Needs no explanation. Yum.
  10. Time to party! Whether you choose a fun holiday like I did, or a random weekend in winter – your friends and family will be looking for something fun to do after being cooped up inside for far too long. This is such a great opportunity to give them a reason to dress up, eat good food, drink a little to much and dance the night away.



Favorite Awkward Vodka posts

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AV Monthly Book Club: Books for people who don’t like to read

S and I met some of our closest friends by starting a book club six years ago. I know, this sounds like something too refined or high brow for us. But guess what — we’ll take almost any excuse to get together with girlfriends, drink wine and eat cupcakes.

If you know me, reading anything longer than a gossip magazine has always been a chore. So we started our club with a very specific theme – books that have been turned into movies. It then spread into memoirs by funny women. Since then, our book club has become more of a “let’s get together and watch The Bachelor,” or “let’s meet for breakfast before work” club, and we’ve abandoned books all together.

But since I’m aging more toward 40 and further away from 20 – it’s about time I exercise my mind and reintroduce reading to my after-work hobbies. Starting this April I’ll be recommending monthly reads, based on a theme, for anyone else who wants to start or restart a book club. Don’t worry, I plan to focus on easy, entertaining reads under 350 pages.

Stay tuned for April’s suggestions coming in the next few weeks. I’ll give you a hint – one of the books may be based on a movie I recently saw and fell in love with…


Hangover tips for new parents

Since having my little guy back in August, I’ve had a couple of hangovers. Having a hangover with an infant is tough. And, I don’t know about you, but I still have occasions in my life where I want to indulge in a couple (or more than a couple) cocktails. So here are my tips for being a new mom and dealing with the dreaded hangover…

Since having my little guy back in August, I’ve had a couple of hangovers. Having a hangover with an infant is tough. TOUGH! You can’t just nap all day long. And, I don’t know about you, but I still have occasions in my life where I want to indulge in a couple (or more than a couple) cocktails. Weddings. Bachelorette Parties. St. Patrick’s Day. Football Games. Random Nights Out!

The amount of times I go out has definitely decreased, but hangovers are still not fun. Here are my tips for being a new mom and dealing with the dreaded hangover…

  1. Drink less and avoid the hangover all together.

LOL – not going to happen. But it feels like a responsible thing to say… Here’s my real list:

  1. Day drink – For St. Patty’s Day, we had Grandma watch B and went out with friends during the day. I was home by 8 p.m., had my Domino’s pizza and woke up oddly refreshed.
  2. Week day drinks and happy hours are your friend – It’s easier being hungover at work than at home with an infant. You can throw your hair up in a messy bun, grab your coffee and greasy breakfast sandwich on your way to work and recover in peace at your desk.
  3. Eat these – #YUM
  4. Overnight childcare is key – If you have family close by who can watch baby while you’re out and then keep them until later in the morning the next day, that’s perfect.
  5. Avoid annoying kid TV shows – It may be tempting to just turn on the TV for baby, but you do not want that headache-inducing music to be playing when you already feel like your head is going to explode.
  6. Nap when baby naps – Everyone told me to do this while on maternity leave, but I didn’t listen. I had to shower, do laundry, make food. When you’re hungover, nap when baby naps!
  7. Split up the duties – Order some breakfast on Door Dash or Bite Squad and invite your friends over to recover with you. The more people around, the more people to play with your little one.
  8. Plan ahead – Have snacks ready because leaving the house is hard enough when you’re hungover – try being hungover and getting baby ready and out the door.
  9. Pedialyte – Honestly, I’ve never tried this one, but have heard good things. Plus, if you’re a parent, you might already have it laying around the house.
  10. Reminisce! – Watch Insta-stories and look at pics from the night before. Because if you don’t remember how much fun you had, you’ll find yourself swearing off drinking, and we all know that’s not actually going to happen…

Anyone else have a baby at home that has made everyday life so happy, but hungover days the absolute worst? Let me know you’re fave tips for handling baby + hangover!


We’re back!

We may have taken a four year hiatus from blogging, but the ladies from Awkward Vodka are back. Did you miss us?

Here are a couple life updates…


S got married, moved to the suburbs, adopted Chandler the cat and had a baby boy, B, in August.


K moved to the cities – obviously to be closer to S & R. She lives in an apartment in Minneapolis with her kitten Gimlet and has a bf, RG.


R got married on New Year’s Eve in world’s most beautiful sparkly dress (S is obsessed). She lives in a suburb with her hubby and works downtown Minneapolis.

What hasn’t changed?

These ladies still love their vodka and are still best friends. The biggest difference you’ll notice now is that we’ll probably share more healthy recipes, more hangover cures and life hacks for that late 20s/early 30s demographic.

Because #ThisIs30

(well almost – K turns 30 in September).