Kait’s Doctor Stalking


Well faithful readers (so probably Sarah and Rachel) it doesn’t get more awkward vodka than this: yours truly, Kait, is stalking a doctor.

Before I dive into this post, I should give the one reader who happened to stumble upon our page a little background information about my love life. Okay, we’re done. (If you think I accidently left part of the blog out, I didn’t … it was my cleaver way of saying my love life is non-existent.)

I am choosing to omit names and locations in case our wildest dream comes true and this thing goes viral. I figure it would be best to not completely embarrass the victim of my pining.

This whole thing started off with a pretty innocent comment made by my co-worker, Stacie. She entered the office and started talking about the guy she saw from our parking lot. We work at a hotel and there is a small medical clinic practically in our back parking lot. My coworkers often talk about me being single and tell me who I should consider dating. So naturally, Stacie told me about a youngish guy walking into the clinic with a gym bag and that he was pretty good looking. She pointed out that he might be athletic seeing as he had a gym bag and thought he might actually be a doctor at the clinic.

My then boss, Jason, caught the conversation (really, I think he listened to us gossip more than he would like to admit) and chimed in that he knew exactly who we were talking about. He is indeed a doctor … with a very funny last name. This only encourages this whole situation and funny remarks. For instance, after talking about a 9 mile run I went on the night before, my other coworker, Max, chimed in with this gem: If you want to date a doctor, you gotta keep it tight!

As luck would have it, Doctor actually started coming into the hotel! At first he would just hang around in the lobby on his cell phone for a bit. Lobby visits turned into lunch at our restaurant. Lunch turned into Jason setting up an awkward introduction of me to Doctor. I thought Jason set the whole thing up because he knew Doctor. After asking repeatedly, I realized Jason had nothing to do with Doctor visits to the hotel.

For a good two months or so we were all into Doctor. If he was spotted at the hotel, I was notified. Then we noticed a strange pattern of behavior. He would have his car parked at his work for a week at a time, but come to our lobby and wait for a cab home. So we spent some free time wondering why Doctor would cab to and from work. We have come up with a few theories, but they seem a little off-base, so feel free to use the comment section on this post to draw your own conclusions.

This stalking went on for a good two months or so, but then something sad happened. No Doctor. For at least three months no one saw him. The jokes stopped. Coworkers were making suggestions of boys still in college for me to date, boys in nursing school, etc. but no Doctor.

The beginning of this week Doctor was back to making visits to the hotel! His car was in the parking lot, but he was still taking cabs to and from work. The jokes have started again and we have returned to stalking to occupy our free time at work.

I’ll keep it to that for my first Doctor stalking post. If you’re mildly interested I will be updating our readers randomly with stories … so check back 😉

I will also conclude my Doctor stalking posts by posting a tip on how to land a doctor.
Today’s tip: “If you want to date a doctor, you gotta keep it tight!”

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Three Midwestern girls trying to adult, documenting their awkward encounters and providing expert life advice. You're welcome.

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