The Men of March Madness

With tournament time just a few days away we thought it would be appropriate to provide you with some of the eye candy you should look out for this March Madness season:

Luke Hancock (Louisville)

Luke Hancock

Trey McKinney Jones (Miami)

Trey McKinney Jones

Steven Pledger (Oklahoma)

Steven Pledger

Aaron Craft (Ohio State)

Aaron Craft

Jamaal Franklin (San Diego State)

Jamaal Franklin

Katin Reinhardt (UNLV)

Katin Reinhardt

Rodney Williams (Minnesota)

Rodney Williams

Rob Loe (St. Louis)

Rob Loe

David Hinton (VCU)

David Hinton

Keith Appling (Michigan State)

Keith Appling

Justin Cobbs (Cal)

Cal Men's Basketball

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love LeBron

If you have ever met me, you know my obsession with LeBron James is just part of who I am. Yes, I went to his movie “More Than A Game” on opening night. Yes, I have jerseys and t-shirts I wear in his honor. And I may or may not have notebooks and pictures  in my office at work showing my undying support for the athlete…So it’s only normal I want to share his amazingness with the world. Here are the top 10 reasons (as of 2/4/13) why you should also love Lebron.

1. This happened last week:

2. He is awful at karaoke, but still enjoys singing

3. He gets hungover like the best of us

Lebron Tweet

4. His bromance with D-Wade is to die for, and probably Hollywood’s best love story yet

5. He has the coolest friends

Lebron Instagram

6. His style, duh #grownandsexy

Lebron Style

7. He is a great dad

Lebron and Kids

8. He’s a great player

9. He’s got jokes

10. Last but definitely not least, he’s got great moves

And if you don’t agree with this post – as cousin Dave would say, haters gonna hate Haters Gon Hate

xoxo R