The Perfect Summer Bar: Replacing Slims

It’s June 13th, and I finally feel like it’s the first week of summer… except for the fact that I’m wearing tights and may or may not be contemplating turning on the heater under my desk…

Besides the shitty weather, the other reason why it doesn’t feel like summer is that there’s no Cowboy Slims patio to sit at while chugging down vodka diets and chowing on tots and queso dip.

So it’s time to finally get over Cowboy Slims and move on to a new bar. Only problem is we haven’t been able to find a perfect replacement.

Here are our strict criteria:

  • Happy Hour – needs to be reasonably priced and delicious
  • Delicious Food – Tater tots, queso, pulled pork sandwiches, cheese curds and/or fish tacos
  • Outdoor Seating – A rooftop or patio to sit on while enjoying summer weather is a must.
  • Good Crowd – Need a great crowd on weeknights and Sundays. We enjoy drinking outside of your typical Friday/Saturday night window.
  • Eccentric, Friendly Waitstaff – This includes refilling drinks when empty and not bringing the check after an hour of eating and drinking.
  • Delicious Brunch – Need to have a place that you can stay at until 2 a.m. and then show up again at 9 a.m. the next morning for delicious hash browns and some reminiscing.
  • Relaxed Dresscode – Everything from sweatpants to dresses should be accepted without judgement.
  • Good Music – I want top 40, dirty rap, twangy country and tween pop.
  • Hours – Needs to be open during the day. None of this only open after 4:00 p.m. BS.

We are going to be dedicating a series of posts to finding the perfect summer bar. Any suggestions we should be trying in the Minneapolis area?