Happy Hour: The Republic

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I’ve been mourning the loss of The Independent in Uptown for over a year now. It was my fave place. Great drink specials, a long beer list, delicious food, fun atmosphere…

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.21.41 AMFinally, The Independent has been replaced by The Republic – another awesome place with great drink specials, a long beer list, delicious food and a fun atmosphere. Now I’m not a big beer drinker. I prefer vodka. But I’ve heard from my beer-loving friends that The Republic has a great beer list. The Vodka Diet Cokes are strong and perfect.

If you feel like being fancy, like I did the first time I went there, try one of their specialty cocktails. I had the Italian Greyhound – red berries infused vodka, grapefruit and Campari. Do I know what campari is? Nope. But the red berries infused vodka was so refreshing.

Happy Hour is 4-6, which is the only annoying part of The Republic. How annoying are happy hours that only last until 6? Don’t they know that some of us work until 5:30 and others work in the burbs and have to drive back into the city for happy hour? Happy hours that last until 6 usually involve me running into the bar and ordering and chugging as many drinks as possible in 15 minutes – no one enjoys that. So stop ending happy hour at 6! Rant over.

Guys. The food at The Republic is so delicious. My favorites are the fish tacos and the grilled vegetable plate. Ever since Cowboy Slims was leveled (RIP), I’ve been searching for my new favorite Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.21.02 AMfish tacos. The Republic wins! I definitely suggest you order the fish tacos. Other favorites from my friends: Fish & Chips, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Sweet Potato Fries and any burgers.

Want to play a fun game after you’ve been happy hour-ing for a couple hours? Order the grilled vegetable plate and convince friends to eat bites off the jalapeno peppers. I did that last time I was there and won two free drinks – thanks Jay.

Have you been to The Republic before? What’s your fave thing to order?

Author: AwkwardVodka

Three Midwestern girls trying to adult, documenting their awkward encounters and providing expert life advice. You're welcome.

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