Happy Weekend!

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Be Safe. Make Good Choices.


ACMs Drinking Game

The ACM Awards are this Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. Nothing goes as well together as drinking and country music, so get your booze ready, put on those cowboy boots and play this game on Sunday night.

…Also be prepared to call in sick on Monday morning…

If you’re skeptical about spending an evening watching country, take a look at the hosts – the manly, hot hot hot Blake Shelton and sexy, sexy Luke Bryan.

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Now that I’ve given you a good enough reason to watch the action, here are the rules…

Drink every time:

  • Blake Shelton talks about The Voice
  • Blake/Luke take a dig at Carrie Underwood/Brad Paisley
  • Someone says y’all
  • Someone talks about drinking
  • A winner thanks God
  • Luke/Blake make fun of someone in the audience
  • Someone performs in a cowboy hat
  • There’s a great view of Luke Bryan’s ass
  • It’s obvious that someone is giving a speech drunk
  • The camera pans to an unimpressed T. Swizzle
  • Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert look adorable together
  • Hunter Hayes reminds you of a country Justin Bieber
  • If you’ve never heard one of the songs being performed

Hard Liquor Rules:

  • If Miranda Lambert wins anything, take a shot of whiskey
  • If Eric Church wins anything, take a jag bomb
  • If Taylor Swift wins anything, chug a soda
  • If Blake Shelton wins anything, take shots until you’re bombed and then start Tweeting your thoughts about life
  • If Carrie Underwood wins anything, play slap the bag with a bag of wine

Finish your drink:

Just for fun, my predictions are Miranda Lambert for Female Vocalist of the Year, Blake Shelton for Male Vocalist of the Year and Taylor Swift (should be Luke Bryan…) for Entertainer of the Year.

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What do you think? Not that it matters since you’ll most likely be blacked out by the time these awards start…

Just a Typical Wednesday Night…

Ever have one of those nights you just don’t want to be responsible?

Well, that was last night for us girls at Awkward Vodka. But that really wasn’t our intention at all. Our plan was to go for a walk – Happy (late) National Walking Day, friends – and then go check out the movie Spring Breakers. Sounds like a nice low-key night, right? We started the evening off with a walk – win! But after that is when things started to downward spiral… We has plans to meet our friend S over at Whole Foods to grab dinner at the salad bar because sometimes we pretend to be healthy. And they have the best salad bar in town, hands down.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 10.02.40 AMWhile waiting for S, we decided to stop over at the Liquor store because… why not? It has been a long week and everyone deserves a glass of wine, especially after an intense walk around the lake.

Did you know they made wine juice boxes? They do! Introducing Bandit wine. Is it amazingly delicious? Mmm not really. It’s ok. But look how convenient? It looks just like that coconut water you can buy in mini boxes, but is way better because it’s alcoholic – duh. And guess what? Whole Foods sells that coconut water – so if we ended up bringing them with us to the store, no one would notice, right? Next think you know, we’re buying three of them and heading over to the salad bar.

After filling our salad containers to the brim, we sat in the eating area of grocery store surrounded by people, stealthily drinking our juice boxes and eating our yummy salads. See the awesome photo below documenting our delicious BYOB dinner? And please note the amazing Katniss braid in the background.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 10.07.09 AMAfter slamming our “juice boxes” and salads, S realized she left her wallet at work. Our next planned course of action was to go play darts, so before that we had to stop back at the office pick up her forgotten wallet.

While there, we obviously had to leave notes and “really difficult” scavenger hunts for everyone with office supplies – you’re welcome, girls. We hung out for a bit before realizing this is the last place we want to be after work hours so we left…not before stealing some yummy candy from the candy jar and dropping off our spare change in the Monocle Fund of course!

The time was creeping closer to our normal 9:00 p.m. bedtime, but by now we were feeling rebellious so instead of darts, we went to check out a new bar in Uptown Minneapolis – Morrissey’s Irish Pub. I’m cautiously optimistic this place could be a new Cowboy Slims (RIP). My only concern is that it doesn’t seem like the type of place to place country music… However, they did have delicious Vodka Diet Cokes – YUM!

So takeaways from #WastedWednesday:

  • Buy Bandit wine. It tastes ok, is fairly cheap and can easily hide in your purse.
  • Avoid work after hours. It’s fun for about 5 minutes and then gets sad and boring.
  • If you live in the Minneapolis area, check out Morrissey’s Irish Pub in Uptown on Lake St.

Hope you also had a fabulous Wednesday evening!

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Unexpected Crushes

I have several weird and unexpected crushes that my friends will never understand. I can’t even completely explain why I love these men so much, but I am oddly attracted to them for some reason. I think it’s that they are lovable, endearing, harmless guys that I can relate to. See for yourself:

Justin Long

Justin Long


Morgan from The Mindy Project

Lord Disick

Scott Disick


Phil from Modern Family


Ryan Seacrest


Chris Harrison

Andy Dwyer

Andy from Parks and Rec

What are your thoughts? Do you have any weird Hollywood crushes? Let me know!


FOMO – “Fear of Missing Out”

Confession time: I suffer from FOMO. Nothing is worse than staying in on a Friday night and then hearing from friends you missed an awesome night out. No refreshed and chipper feeling on a Saturday morning beats months of inside jokes and years of reminiscing over hilarious and embarrassing photos.

I think I’ve had FOMO my entire life. It’s probably what has made me join every organization possible and never miss a high school football game or Friday night of Rollerskating with my girls in 8th grade.

Guess what makes FOMO worse today than in high school? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. Inner monologues on Saturday morning have turned into: “What? Two of my best friends got almost 20+ points on FourSquare last night from all of their check-ins together? And all I did was watch Criminal Minds reruns and fall asleep on the couch at 8:15? Not ok!!”

Do you suffer from FOMO?

Happy Hour: Houlihan’s

Last week I was lucky enough to go to happy hour with three of my favorite gals at Houlihan’s in Richfield. I love going to Happy Hour in Uptown/Downtown, but a.placebetween.us led me to the suburbs…

Side note: Have you ever used the website a.placebetween.us? Use it! It’s fun and super helpful.

Houlihan’s was awesome – I was pleasantly surprised. Before going, I checked out the menu online. I was super excited to see that Houlihan’s offers martini flights for under $10! They looked delicious. Two of us ordered the flights so we were able to try six different types of martinis including a cosmo, key lime pie, chocolate, Adam & Eve Apple, Lemon Drop and a fruity pink one with sugar around the rim. All of them were delicious! My faves were the Lemon Drop and Cosmo.

Best part? They were out of flight glasses, so we got 3 regularly-sized martinis for only $9.25. Other specials included 2-for-1s on wine, beer and rails.

Worst part? I was the only one sitting at the table when they 6 martinis were dropped off so I got a couple laughs and funny looks from the people sitting around me who assumed I ordered 6 martinis for myself! Not saying that would never happen…

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That’s a lot of liquor so we also ordered some yummy apps. We ordered spinach dip, nachos and a quesadilla. All were amazing – although this was after 6 glasses of pure liquor 😉

All of us girls agreed the drinks were delicious and the food was good so I definitely suggest heading over to Houlihans for Happy Hour.


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