New Fave Drink: Vodka + Water + Special Ingredient

Vodka diet coke has been my favorite drink since I started drinking. It’s so easy and delicious. However, everyone likes to try out something new every once & awhile.

My new favorite drink: vodka water.

Well not just vodka water, but vodka + water + a squirt of MiO water flavoring

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 7.42.43 AM

Why I love this drink:

  1. Water – Since the drink is mostly water, you don’t get as dehydrated when drinking it. It’s the perfect drink for a day-party.
  2. Delicious – It’s so good. So far I’ve had strawberry and mango, and both are really yummy.
  3. Choices – You can change the flavor of a regular drink by adding lemons or limes, but this drink really gives you options.
  4. Low Cal – There are zero cals in MiO and water, so the only cals you’re drinking is from the Vodka.
  5. Gut Rot-Free – After a day of drinking something delicious and fruity like a strawberry daiquiri or cosmo, you probably get a bit of a tummy ache. That totally doesn’t happen with this drink! So awesome.

So try it out! You’ll love it.

How To: Tailgate

WOOHOO!!! It’s finally here: Football Season!

The best part of football season, besides seeing the Packers kick ass, is tailgating. Since we’re from Wisconsin, we’ve been tailgating since birth so we’re pretty much professionals. Here are some tips and tricks for tailgating:

  • Plan ahead: Don’t forget charcoal, ice (depending on the temperature outside), water bottles, music or a lighter. While tailgating this spring, we forgot a cooler and ice, which resulted in this…


  • Chairs!: We could have easily put this in the above category, but we forget it so often that it deserves its own category. DO NOT FORGET CHAIRS. We looked like fools…


  • Bring Drinking Games: Drinking games make everything more fun. At the very least, bring along a deck of cards. My favorite tailgating game is definitely bags. Having a bags game set up is probably the best way to make friends at the tailgate lot.


  • Show Up Early: I’m not sure about anywhere else in the country, but you need to show up early if you’re going to Lambeau Field. We always score a spot in the Kmart parking lot because it’s the best. Quick tip: Don’t drunk shop in Kmart. I have a variety of Packer Swag that was purchased after tipping back a few too many.


  • Dress for the Occasion: This tip is two-fold. If you’re tailgating in December, wear layers! Ladies, don’t be “that girl” who wears just leggings, Uggs and a Jersey. You will freeze and be judged. And dress up in your favorite team gear! This means cheese heads, jerseys, earrings, gloves, jackets, pants, etc. If you have it, wear it.


  • Food!: Do not just drink and skip food – you will regret it. Plus tailgating food is delicious. Bring along a grill and cook up some hotdogs, brats and burgers. Remember chips, dip and condiments, too. If you’re fancy, try cooking chicken wings or soup a head and warm them up on the grill.

Any other tailgating tips we missed?


Favorite Summer Drink: The Michael Phelps

The Michael Phelps: Weed & Water

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.27.24 AM

Named after our favorite rebellious Olympian, the Weed & Water is a combination of Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka and water with a slice of lemon if you’re feeling fancy.

Other similar drinks to try this summer:

  • The John Daly – Combination of lemonade, iced tea and bourbon or lemonade and sweet tea vodka
  • Beer-Tini – Citrus vodka mixed with beer, lemonade and a splash of pineapple juice
  • Strip & Go Naked – Mix 6 cans of beer with 12 oz. of vodka and 12 oz. of lemonade concentrate. It may sound weird, but it’s really good – a great party drink!

What’s your favorite summer drink?

Happy Hour: Houlihan’s

Last week I was lucky enough to go to happy hour with three of my favorite gals at Houlihan’s in Richfield. I love going to Happy Hour in Uptown/Downtown, but led me to the suburbs…

Side note: Have you ever used the website Use it! It’s fun and super helpful.

Houlihan’s was awesome – I was pleasantly surprised. Before going, I checked out the menu online. I was super excited to see that Houlihan’s offers martini flights for under $10! They looked delicious. Two of us ordered the flights so we were able to try six different types of martinis including a cosmo, key lime pie, chocolate, Adam & Eve Apple, Lemon Drop and a fruity pink one with sugar around the rim. All of them were delicious! My faves were the Lemon Drop and Cosmo.

Best part? They were out of flight glasses, so we got 3 regularly-sized martinis for only $9.25. Other specials included 2-for-1s on wine, beer and rails.

Worst part? I was the only one sitting at the table when they 6 martinis were dropped off so I got a couple laughs and funny looks from the people sitting around me who assumed I ordered 6 martinis for myself! Not saying that would never happen…

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.53.47 PM

That’s a lot of liquor so we also ordered some yummy apps. We ordered spinach dip, nachos and a quesadilla. All were amazing – although this was after 6 glasses of pure liquor 😉

All of us girls agreed the drinks were delicious and the food was good so I definitely suggest heading over to Houlihans for Happy Hour.


Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.53.17 PM

Ring of Fire

The game I love, but everyone else seems to hate: Ring of Fire, Kings Cup, whatever you want to call it…

Easy to play! Take a cup, put it in the middle of the tables and spread cards around the outside of it. Then each person picks a card, counter-clockwise around the table. Here isScreen Shot 2013-03-05 at 9.26.58 AM what each card means:

2 – You

3 – Me

4- Whores

5 – 5-Fingers or I never

6 – Dicks

7 – Heaven

8 – Pick a Date and they have to drink with you every time you drink until the next 8 is pulled

9 – Rhyme

10 – Categories

Jack – Make your own rule

Queen – Question Master

King – Kings Cup: pour some of your drink in to the cup in the middle. The last person to pull a king has to drink the entire cup.

Ace – Waterfall: everyone starts drinking at the same time and stops one at a time, starting with the person who picked the ace.

This game is so fun. If you’re playing with a lot of people, add another deck!

What’s your favorite drinking game?

Game Day Recipes

The biggest game day of the year is coming up tomorrow: The Super Bowl. Although our beloved Packers are not playing, we’ll still be celebrating by eating delicious food, drinking too much, heckling Vikings fans, laughing at commercials and counting down until the real action happens: The Beyonce Half-Time Show.

Here are some of our favorite, game-day recipes:

Vodka Diet Coke
1 part Vodka
2 parts Diet Coke
Add a slice of lime if you’re feeling fancy
Good old vodka diet will make you the life of any Super Bowl Party.

Vodka Cranberry
2 oz. Vodka
Diet Cranberry Juice
Again, add a slice of lime if you’re feeling fancy
This low-cal, fruity drink is yummy and the perfect color if you’re supporting the San Fran 49ers.

Grape Apes
1 part UV Grape
1 part lemon-lime soda
*Add a splash of sweet and sour mix
A Grape Ape is a sweet drink, sure to give you gut rot in the morning, but great for showing your purple pride for the Ravens.

If the party you’re attending requires you to bring food, try making Taco Dip.

Not into cooking? Just pick up a bag of chips and salsa from the store on your way over…

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 6.19.36 PM