How to Cope with a Quarter-Life Crisis

My fave website, Buzzfeed, posted an article last week that I couldn’t help but click on: 10 Signs You’re Having Your Quarter Life Crisis.

Guess what? Turns out we’re all having a bit of a quarter life crisis. Who doesn’t dream about doing something crazy or get terrified about the idea of making a budget? But no worries. You’re gurlfriends here at Awkward Vodka have got you covered. Here are some ways to cope with a quarter life crisis:

  1. Everyone has a hot mess friend. Call her up for happy hour and just listen. It’ll make you feel better about your life.
  2. Take a personal day. Sometimes you just need to clean up, do laundry, go grocery shopping and just get shit done to make your life feel more put together.
  3. Get multiple ear piercings if you want to do something youthful, but are too scared to get a facial piercing.
  4. If you hate Sundays, just drink the day away. It’ll still feel like the weekend, and you’ll be too busy trying to find a place that has karaoke on a Sunday night than thinking about going to work the next day.
  5. Make up a business you plan on starting with a friend in the next couple of years. It might never happen, but it’s something to day dream about. Yes – Ray & I will have a salon full with a wedding planning, catering and photography business some day.
  6. Go get a new hair style – something drastic like bangs.
  7. Drink on weeknights. Make Wednesday the new Thursday, Thursday the new Friday and always Sunday Funday.
  8. Do something really grown up like go to a wine tasting or cooking class. You can feel like a grown up and still get a little bit tipsy!
  9. Try something new – it doesn’t have to be grown up, just new. It’ll help pull yourself out of a boring routine.
  10. Know that it’ll pass. You won’t have a quarter-life crisis forever. I’ve heard that the best time of your life is really in your 30’s… so embrace that thought!

Some of these ideas are healthier than others, but all of them will successfully rid you of your quarter life crisis.

Good luck, friends!

Author: AwkwardVodka

Three Midwestern girls trying to adult, documenting their awkward encounters and providing expert life advice. You're welcome.

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