10 Things that Happen in Your Late 20s

Since turning 26 and officially entering my “late twenties” in November, I’ve noticed subtly changes happening with myself and the people around me.

  1. Getting together with friends has started to consist of work out classes, cooking and catching up on TV instead of happy hours that last until midnight.
  2. You’re expected to know about politics and what’s happening in the world.
  3. Hangovers last forever! My hangover the day after my 26th birthday was the longest hangover I’ve ever had. It’s not uncommon for me to still feel a bit queezy on a Monday morning after a party-filled Saturday night.
  4. Starting to pay more attention to wrinkle creams because each day is a day closer to 30 and – you know – it’s never too early to start a skin-care regiment…
  5. My metabolism has gotten slow! Anyone else remember eating a whole bag of chips and a pint of ice cream for dinner in college? Now I’m lucky if I can eat a quarter of each without feeling guilt in the form of gut rot.
  6. There’s a different type of peer pressure plaguing your life. In college you had to be the life of the party and then – BAM – all of a sudden you’re supposed to be getting married, having children and buying houses.
  7. Crushes on teenage boy bands start to sound…eh…a little strange. My love for One Direction didn’t seem as weird in my early twenties, but all of a sudden now I’m a creeper.
  8. It’s considered a crazy, wild night if I’m still at the bar when the lights come on at 2am. Just a year ago, staying out until 2am was the norm.
  9. Your group of friends gets smaller and smaller because people are getting busy with husbands, kids and just being tired from life.
  10. And finally: people are getting pregnant on purpose.


Power Hour Tips

Power Hour: A drinking game that means taking a shot of beer every minute for one hour which, using math, means drinking 5 beers in an hour. – Urban Dictionary

With yet another national holiday weekend upon us, we have a feeling a few of you might already be planning your weekend. Since we hope some of your plans include drinking, we’d like to share a few tips if that drinking happens to be a power hour (one of Awkward Vodka’s favorite past times).

Download an app. One way to ensure you complete the power hour on time and not miss a single shot is by downloading an app. You don’t have to worry about changing the music every minute or yelling at your friends to drink – the app will automatically switch the music, queuing your time to drink. GENIUS. We recommend Power!Hour, the best $.99 you’ll ever spend.

Do not, I repeat, do not attempt a power hour with hard liquor. While it may be tempting, do not use hard liquor as your drink of choice. That means 60 shots in 60 minutes. You most likely will die. We here at Awkward Vodka do not endorse this and definitely do not want to be blamed for death or alcohol poisoning. And I know what you’re thinking, mixed drinks aren’t that bad! Trust me, they are. You will either be passed out, puking or black out by halftime.

Always have an extra drink nearby. There is nothing worse than having to search for a beer when one runs out, especially if that means getting behind.

Make sure the beer is cold. I take it back – the one thing worse than having an empty drink is warm beer. You go through them fast in a group during a power hour, so make sure you have enough chilling for hours before you begin.

Music is key. During the power hour you can go through 60 different songs of your choice. And if you use the app we mentioned above, they all come right from your iTunes. Can you say best dance party ever? I guarantee you’ll hear, “I LOVE THIS SONG!” screamed at least 20 times.

Don’t double time. Just don’t do it.

With these tips we hope you can enjoy one perfect power hour this three-day weekend. But what about you? What other tips/recommendations do you have when it comes to power hours? We want to hear them!

10 Reasons to Date a Girl from Wisconsin

1. We know how to drink. Beer. Whiskey. Vodka. You name it. We drink it. And we know how to handle our booze so you don’t need to take care of us after a night of binging.

2. We love sports. And know enough to actually talk about what’s happening during a game. GO PACKERS!

3. We’re hilarious. See any other post on Awkward Vodka.

4. We’re typically low maintenance. Yes, we like to look good, but we also enjoy going to the bar in just a t-shirt and jeans. Have we ever been to a bar in sweatpants? You bet we have.

5. We’ve accumulated to the cold weather. And know how to dress for the cold so we’ll never need to steal your jacket.

6. We’re Tough. See above about the cold. Also most of us know how to change a tire, shovel a car out of the snow and get out of – or start – a bar fight.

7. We’re Smart. At least most of us are smart! Check out this list of the smartest cities in the country. Madison is #8, Appleton is #12 and Milwaukee is #26. Not bad! Minnesota doesn’t even show up on the list under #33 and it says “Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI

8. We’re Not Afraid to Get Dirty. We’re not prissy since we either grew up on a farm or have been on one at some point in our life.

9. No Need to Wine & Dine. Obviously we love a nice dinner every now & then, but usually we’ll be just as happy with a delicious meal at Culvers as we are with a fancy dinner.

10. We Accept Hunting & Fishing. We’re okay with our guy leaving for a week to go hunting with friends, we’ll craft shop and scrapbook while they’re gone.

Scavenger Hunt Adventures!

Looking for something fun to do as the summer comes to an end? How about an awesome scavenger hunt?

Last year a good friend of Awkward Vodka left on a 6-month-ish road trip across the country. To keep up with her, we made an awesome scavenger hunt. All of the photos featured in this blog post are from her trip! (Except the last one from a scavenger hunt about 7 years ago)

This one has been edited a bit so it can be used almost anywhere! Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.


Photo of yourself in a bar – 1 point

With a drink in your hand – 3 points

Steal a pint glass that has either the city or school name on it – 20 points

Order and drink a vodka water – 5 points


Order and drink a shot of Southern Comfort in the South – 7 points

Order & drink a Water Moccasin shot – 10 points

Order and drink a Prairie Fart – 20 points

Photo of yourself shot-gunning a beer in public – 20 points

Take a body shot off of a random person – 50 points
Must provide photo

Invent a drink and convince the bartender to name it after you – 40 points

Stranger Danger

Each (sneaky) photo of a weird/creepy/nasty random person sighting – 10 points

Photo of a fire fighter – 10 points
10 bonus points if you are in the picture with them
10 bonus points if they are hot

Photo of a cross-dresser – 15 points
30 bonus points if you are in the picture with them

Find a cougar – 10 points
Not the animal

Run alongside someone who is running for 30 seconds – 30 points

Man Candy422653_10152082758375551_807101002_n

Find and photograph 10 good beards – 30 points

Photo of a man with a gnarly mustache – 20 points
10 bonus if you are in the photo also

Provide evidence of borrowed or found boxers – 30 points

All Things Pop Culture

Create your own “Call Me Maybe” Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez video – 10 points
10 bonus points per each new location incorporated

Find a flower and ask a stranger if they will “accept this rose” Bachelor style – 25 points


Find a jukebox and play Call My Maybe – 10 points

Photo of a celebrity sighting
C-List celebrity – 30 points
B-List celebrity – 40 points
A-List celebrity – 100 points
50 bonus points if you are in the photo with them

Jersey Chasin’

Photo wearing a jersey of local team – 10 points

Photo with an athlete – 25 points

Photo of yourself with the local mascot – 15 points
25 bonus points if you are doing something inappropriate to it

Run all the bases at a baseball field – 5 points

Travellin’ (Wo)man154313_10152257456730551_480101359_n

Take a photo next to a state sign or a city population sign – 15 points

Photo of yourself in mid-air next to the ocean – 25 points

1,000 bonus points if you skinny-dip & provide proof

Photo of yourself at the dirtiest truck stop you can find – 10 points
40 bonus points if you are in the picture with a dirty trucker

Photo of yourself with as many people in cowboy hats as you can – 5 per

Photo of yourself with as many belt buckles as you can – 5 per

Photo of yourself either riding a bull or riding a bull rider – 20 points
20 bonus points if the bull or bull rider is cute

Photo of yourself with a person with a painted on outfit – 35 points

Collect as many beads as you can – 5 per

Take a photo with as many Canadians as you can – 5 per10289_10152114268795551_1564054071_n

Take a photo with mounted police – 15 points

Photo with Beiber cut-out – 15 points

Photo of crazy/unique/stupid license plate combos – 5 points

Photo of yourself outside of a Cum N Go – 5 points

Photo of yourself outside of a dirty strip club – 25 points

For Shits ‘N Gigs

Use a horrible pick-up line on a stranger – 25 points
Must share the results/reactions
25 bonus points if you get a picture with your victim

A picture of you requesting a song at a jukebox – 5 points
10 bonus points if the song is “Call Me Maybe”

Photo of yourself hugging something religious – 40 points

Record a video of yourself doing Karaoke – 40 points

Get a makeover at a mall makeup counter – 20 points

A picture of yourself being pushed – fast – in a shopping cart – 20 points

Photo with your doppelganger – 50 points

Photo in a photo booth – 10 points

Collect change from a fountain – 1 point per cent collected

Photo of graffiti – 10 points104_607218951330_6234_n

20 extra points if it’s on a train and you’re standing next to it

Photo with lawn gnomes that are in someone’s yard (not in a store) – 30 points

Photo of yourself in a tree – 20 points
25 extra point if you’re high up in the tree

Pedal Pub!

IMG_3542If you’ve never done a Pedal Pub, I highly suggest you try one. We went on one last weekend, and it was a blast.

According to their website, The PedalPub® is the Bike with the Barrel!® Their mission is to provide a fun, safe, environmentally-friendly way for groups of eight to sixteen adults to get some light exercise and fresh air while touring interesting parts of town on a big Dutch-made bike.

Our tour went around Northeast Minneapolis. I only went into Mayslack’s Bar to take shots and stayed drinking on the pedal pub at other stops.

Here are the top 6 reasons we love pedal pubbin’:

  1. The majority of the times available are during the day so it’s totally acceptable and expected that you’re day drunk.
  2. It’s a good workout. Unless you grab one of the seats without wheels for the majority IMG_3527of the ride (guilty), you’ll be pedaling for at least an hour while tipping back those high-cal drinks.
  3. All of the Pedal Pubs that we’ve been on have a CD player which means you can jam out to your own music while pedaling along. Our mix included Ke$ha, Beyonce, Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, J. Beibs, Robyn and Miley.
  4. Last weekend was beautiful! It was like 75 degrees and sunny all afternoon. Chilling on the pedal pub was a great way to enjoy great weather while also binge drinking!
  5. Who doesn’t like a bar crawl? Well this is a bar crawl minus the walking.
  6. It’s totally acceptable to wear comfy clothes because you’re basically working out…

There’s still time left in the summer! So schedule one. You won’t regret it.


15 Signs You’re From Wisconsin

1. You bleed green & gold

2. You grew up in a small town with a name that’s impossible to spell or pronounce

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.31.29 PM

3. You have several relatives within driving distance

4. You turn any night – or day – of drinking into a competition

5. You laugh at people who “don’t drink beer”


6. You know all the words to “Varsity”

7. You know how to tailgate like a pro


8. Field trips included Heritage Hills, Wisconsin Dells, House on the Rock and the state capitol

9. No amount of snow will keep you from going to the bar

Winter Bar Hopping

10. A brat is a delicious food – not an unruly child

11. You know what a bubbler is

12. Friday nights are spent at the local VFW Hall or Catholic School for a fish fry

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.35.07 PM

13. Cheese Curds (and not the fried kind) are a main food group

14. You’ve been to at least three wedding receptions that start with polka music

15. It’s normal to wear a wedge of cheese on your head.


Camping Tips For The Girl Who Doesn’t Camp

Every summer I commit to going camping. I don’t camp. I don’t like bugs, no electricity, no showers/bathrooms and sleeping on the ground. So why do I always agree to go camping? I love drinking outdoors with my friends… but I would just prefer sleeping in my own bed or at a hotel instead of on the ground with the bugs. Gross.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.48.12 PM

So if you end up submitting yourself to a weekend of outdoor “fun”, here are camping tips for the girl who doesn’t camp:

  • Alcohol. Just make sure that there’s lots of it and start drinking early in the day. This makes sleeping on the ground a lot easier.
  • Shower as late as possible before you leave. I’d rather stay dirty than shower in a campsite bathroom. If you’re leaving to go camping right after work, take a long lunch and go home and shower at noon.
  • Must-Pack Items: Hair ties, tooth brush, facial pads, sunscreen, bug spray (lots of it), swim suit, flashlight, toilet paper, towel. Tip: “forget” tennis shoes so it’s easy to sit out during physical activities.
  • Check the Weather & Pack Accordingly. If it’s supposed to be above 90, below 50 or storming, just bail.
  • Bring Water. Keep hydrated if you’re drinking all day outside in the heat.
  • If you’re tent is big enough, Use an Air Mattress. Doesn’t make sleeping on the ground completely better, but it helps.
  • Go With a Camp Fire Expert. If you have to be outdoors for large amounts of time like this, make sure someone can build a fire. A campfire is a nice way to trick yourself into thinking your warm and toasty inside your living room. Bonus, fire helps cook a lot of delicious food.
  • Pack Comfort Food. When you’re sitting drunk by the fire getting bitten up by bugs, chomping on your favorite bag of BBQ chips, goldfish or cookies will make you feel better about the current situation.
  • Forget about Looking Good. Don’t bring make-up or any nice clothing you wouldn’t want to get all smokey, sweaty and dirty. It’s just not worth it.

Any tips you’d like to share with me so I survive camping weekends?

Tips for Bar Hopping in the Sweltering Heat

It’s almost 4th of July weekend which means excessive day drinking outside with family and friends in the sweltering heat. If you’re like me and can’t stand it outside when the temp is a degree over 80, follow these tips & tricks for surviving hot-weather drinking this weekend:

  • As much as I hate to say it, Rule #1 is Drink Water! Have at least a couple glasses of water while you’re drinking in 80-plus degree temps.
  • Stock your purse: Bobby pins, hair ties, a headband and/or a little bottle of hair spray. Humidity = Huge Hair. Be prepared to tame it a couple times throughout the day or night.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear shorts, tanks, sundress or a skirt. Avoid layers! None of those white tank top, undershirts. Also, make sure whatever you wear is sweat-proof. You don’t want gross sweat stains ruining your buzz.
  • Sweating happens, but it doesn’t have to ruin your make-up. Here some hot weather make-up tips: Use a Primer to help hold the make-up on your face; Don’t use dark eye make-up; Use waterproof mascara; and Bring powder with to the bar to dab on your face throughout the evening.
  • Just like our cold-weather bar hopping rule, make sure you have a cab driver’s personal cell number so you’re not stuck out in the heat waiting to catch a ride.
  • Take air conditioning breaks. Stop in a restaurant, bathroom, strip mall, a stranger’s car, for 10 minutes to cool down. The nice little break will have you feeling refreshed and ready to continue drinking.
  • Accessorize with cute sunglasses and hats. This rule almost exclusively applies to day drinking unless you’re really drunk or a tool.

Any rules we missed for hot-weather bar hopping?

How to Cope with a Quarter-Life Crisis

My fave website, Buzzfeed, posted an article last week that I couldn’t help but click on: 10 Signs You’re Having Your Quarter Life Crisis.

Guess what? Turns out we’re all having a bit of a quarter life crisis. Who doesn’t dream about doing something crazy or get terrified about the idea of making a budget? But no worries. You’re gurlfriends here at Awkward Vodka have got you covered. Here are some ways to cope with a quarter life crisis:

  1. Everyone has a hot mess friend. Call her up for happy hour and just listen. It’ll make you feel better about your life.
  2. Take a personal day. Sometimes you just need to clean up, do laundry, go grocery shopping and just get shit done to make your life feel more put together.
  3. Get multiple ear piercings if you want to do something youthful, but are too scared to get a facial piercing.
  4. If you hate Sundays, just drink the day away. It’ll still feel like the weekend, and you’ll be too busy trying to find a place that has karaoke on a Sunday night than thinking about going to work the next day.
  5. Make up a business you plan on starting with a friend in the next couple of years. It might never happen, but it’s something to day dream about. Yes – Ray & I will have a salon full with a wedding planning, catering and photography business some day.
  6. Go get a new hair style – something drastic like bangs.
  7. Drink on weeknights. Make Wednesday the new Thursday, Thursday the new Friday and always Sunday Funday.
  8. Do something really grown up like go to a wine tasting or cooking class. You can feel like a grown up and still get a little bit tipsy!
  9. Try something new – it doesn’t have to be grown up, just new. It’ll help pull yourself out of a boring routine.
  10. Know that it’ll pass. You won’t have a quarter-life crisis forever. I’ve heard that the best time of your life is really in your 30’s… so embrace that thought!

Some of these ideas are healthier than others, but all of them will successfully rid you of your quarter life crisis.

Good luck, friends!