Why We Deserve a Reality Show

I think that we deserve a reality show. Here’s why:

1. Jersey Shore has proved that people love watching others get drunk and do stupid things. Welcome to the majority of our nights.

2. Too many reality shows about people living on east coast or west coast. The mid-west isn’t represented well enough on TV.

3. We have a wide variety of interesting friends with drama-filled lives who will make hilarious guest appearances.

4. People apparently love shows about people who work in communications, media and public relations. See The Spin Crowd, Kell on Earth, The City, The Hills and, coming soon, the City Girl Diaries.

5. Don’t we have enough reality TV shows about extremely rich people? We’re relatable. Which is a nice way to say always broke.

6. We’ve all had experience on the stage – high school plays, dance recitals, 8th grade plays, band concerts – so we’d pretty much be at the same acting level as the majority of reality show stars.

7. Being judged and ridiculed is something we’re used to.*

8. We’re very interested in knowing what our friends say behind our backs. What better way to find out than by watching the show when it airs. Careful in the confessional, friends…

9. It would be a great excuse for us to hang out all the time, or live together, to get content for the show, a la Kardashian style.

10. Have you read our blog? We’re hilarious.

*We really hate being judged and ridiculed. But we are used to it. We were not born with thick skin.

Stay tuned for episode ideas.

Author: AwkwardVodka

Three Midwestern girls trying to adult, documenting their awkward encounters and providing expert life advice. You're welcome.

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