Jimmy Fallon is the Best

He Coordinates the Best Reunions
I’m sure by now most of you have heard the amazing news that on Friday, Jimmy Fallon is resurrecting one of the best bands from our youth – Jesse and the Rippers from Full House. In addition to that amazing feat, a few years ago he reunited another classic band from the mid 90s – California Dreams. And it doesn’t stop there. In one of his most overwhelming undertakings, Jimmy Fallon attempted to reunite one of the best casts ever – Saved By The Bell. While he didn’t quite succeed, he did entertain millennials with getting the one and only Zack Morris as a guest star, reminding us of the best moments and characters of the series:

His Adorable Bromance with Justin Timberlake
Not only do Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have the best comedic timing and chemistry when performing together*, but they are legit friends. That warms my heart. Remember when JT married Jessica Biel and broke millions of hearts? Well Jimmy was there (which first of all is adorable) and Justin claims Fallon heckled him during his wedding speech. Awwwww!
*Want proof of the amazing J+J duo? Real People, Fake Arms; Summer Camp; History of Rap; and many many more I won’t list here right now. Google it if you are interested.

Dude Can Sing
Some of Jimmy’s best skits are of him performing musically. To be honest, the ones that I find the most entertaining are when he doesn’t use words at all. Case and point: The Chickeneers and his lip sync battle with John Krasinski. But hands down, his all time best musical performance goes to:

He Breaks Character During Improv
I know, a lot of people can’t stand him and criticize him harshly for this very reason, but I find it endearing and hilarious. He finds himself and those around him amusing, so you can’t blame him for wanting to laugh during a skit once and a while. This characteristic has become his trademark so much so that his name is in the Wikipedia entry for “Breaking Character.” Maybe it’s just because I’m one of those people who laughs at my own jokes, but I love Jimmy Fallon for this.

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