Best Christmas Albums for Girls in Their 20s

Now that winter is in full swing (we’ve gotten plenty of snow here in Minneapolis!), listening to Christmas music is a must. Since we here at Award Vodka are all girls in their 20s with good taste, we wanted to share the best Christmas albums that you need to own if you are a girl in her 20s.

1. Amy Grant: Home for Christmas

Amy Grant takes you back to middle school, making up dance routines, belting these songs with your sisters while mom watched and sang along. Admit it, you wanted to be Amy Grant when you grew up – I mean, who wouldn’t want that hair? I know my 5th grade self definitely did.

Amy Grant

2. Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas

Not only is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” the best Christmas song of all time, but it automatically can make you the life of any party. Request it at the DJ booth, put it on your holiday party’s playlist, use 3 credits on your TouchTunes App to play it at any bar you walk into. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this song.

Mariah Carey

3. NSYNC: Home for the Holidays



4. Celine Dion: These Are The Special Times

Celine is a goddess we all worshiped, in the 90s, in the 2000s and still today. This album has all the classics with that special Celine touch that will give you shivers every time.


5. Michael Buble: Christmas

Michael makes us feel like classy young women, and who doesn’t love that. While listening to this album, I can bet you are picturing yourself sitting by the fire, in a warm fuzzy long red robe, sipping a hot toddy while Michael and his lovely eyes treat you to a private concert right there in your living room. Swoon.
Runner up: Harry Connick Jr., Harry for the Holidays

Michael Buble

6. Hanson: Snowed In

See #3


7. Bing Crosby: Merry Christmas

This one only made the list because it reminds us of our grandparents and Christmas of past. No doubt they made you listen to it growing up, or they made your parents listen to it and they passed it down on to you. This is the ultimate classic Christmas album and if it wasn’t included, this list would automatically be discredited.

Bing Crosby

Scavenger Hunt Adventures!

Looking for something fun to do as the summer comes to an end? How about an awesome scavenger hunt?

Last year a good friend of Awkward Vodka left on a 6-month-ish road trip across the country. To keep up with her, we made an awesome scavenger hunt. All of the photos featured in this blog post are from her trip! (Except the last one from a scavenger hunt about 7 years ago)

This one has been edited a bit so it can be used almost anywhere! Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.


Photo of yourself in a bar – 1 point

With a drink in your hand – 3 points

Steal a pint glass that has either the city or school name on it – 20 points

Order and drink a vodka water – 5 points


Order and drink a shot of Southern Comfort in the South – 7 points

Order & drink a Water Moccasin shot – 10 points

Order and drink a Prairie Fart – 20 points

Photo of yourself shot-gunning a beer in public – 20 points

Take a body shot off of a random person – 50 points
Must provide photo

Invent a drink and convince the bartender to name it after you – 40 points

Stranger Danger

Each (sneaky) photo of a weird/creepy/nasty random person sighting – 10 points

Photo of a fire fighter – 10 points
10 bonus points if you are in the picture with them
10 bonus points if they are hot

Photo of a cross-dresser – 15 points
30 bonus points if you are in the picture with them

Find a cougar – 10 points
Not the animal

Run alongside someone who is running for 30 seconds – 30 points

Man Candy422653_10152082758375551_807101002_n

Find and photograph 10 good beards – 30 points

Photo of a man with a gnarly mustache – 20 points
10 bonus if you are in the photo also

Provide evidence of borrowed or found boxers – 30 points

All Things Pop Culture

Create your own “Call Me Maybe” Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez video – 10 points
10 bonus points per each new location incorporated

Find a flower and ask a stranger if they will “accept this rose” Bachelor style – 25 points


Find a jukebox and play Call My Maybe – 10 points

Photo of a celebrity sighting
C-List celebrity – 30 points
B-List celebrity – 40 points
A-List celebrity – 100 points
50 bonus points if you are in the photo with them

Jersey Chasin’

Photo wearing a jersey of local team – 10 points

Photo with an athlete – 25 points

Photo of yourself with the local mascot – 15 points
25 bonus points if you are doing something inappropriate to it

Run all the bases at a baseball field – 5 points

Travellin’ (Wo)man154313_10152257456730551_480101359_n

Take a photo next to a state sign or a city population sign – 15 points

Photo of yourself in mid-air next to the ocean – 25 points

1,000 bonus points if you skinny-dip & provide proof

Photo of yourself at the dirtiest truck stop you can find – 10 points
40 bonus points if you are in the picture with a dirty trucker

Photo of yourself with as many people in cowboy hats as you can – 5 per

Photo of yourself with as many belt buckles as you can – 5 per

Photo of yourself either riding a bull or riding a bull rider – 20 points
20 bonus points if the bull or bull rider is cute

Photo of yourself with a person with a painted on outfit – 35 points

Collect as many beads as you can – 5 per

Take a photo with as many Canadians as you can – 5 per10289_10152114268795551_1564054071_n

Take a photo with mounted police – 15 points

Photo with Beiber cut-out – 15 points

Photo of crazy/unique/stupid license plate combos – 5 points

Photo of yourself outside of a Cum N Go – 5 points

Photo of yourself outside of a dirty strip club – 25 points

For Shits ‘N Gigs

Use a horrible pick-up line on a stranger – 25 points
Must share the results/reactions
25 bonus points if you get a picture with your victim

A picture of you requesting a song at a jukebox – 5 points
10 bonus points if the song is “Call Me Maybe”

Photo of yourself hugging something religious – 40 points

Record a video of yourself doing Karaoke – 40 points

Get a makeover at a mall makeup counter – 20 points

A picture of yourself being pushed – fast – in a shopping cart – 20 points

Photo with your doppelganger – 50 points

Photo in a photo booth – 10 points

Collect change from a fountain – 1 point per cent collected

Photo of graffiti – 10 points104_607218951330_6234_n

20 extra points if it’s on a train and you’re standing next to it

Photo with lawn gnomes that are in someone’s yard (not in a store) – 30 points

Photo of yourself in a tree – 20 points
25 extra point if you’re high up in the tree