Ring of Fire

The game I love, but everyone else seems to hate: Ring of Fire, Kings Cup, whatever you want to call it…

Easy to play! Take a cup, put it in the middle of the tables and spread cards around the outside of it. Then each person picks a card, counter-clockwise around the table. Here isScreen Shot 2013-03-05 at 9.26.58 AM what each card means:

2 – You

3 – Me

4- Whores

5 – 5-Fingers or I never

6 – Dicks

7 – Heaven

8 – Pick a Date and they have to drink with you every time you drink until the next 8 is pulled

9 – Rhyme

10 – Categories

Jack – Make your own rule

Queen – Question Master

King – Kings Cup: pour some of your drink in to the cup in the middle. The last person to pull a king has to drink the entire cup.

Ace – Waterfall: everyone starts drinking at the same time and stops one at a time, starting with the person who picked the ace.

This game is so fun. If you’re playing with a lot of people, add another deck!

What’s your favorite drinking game?

Author: AwkwardVodka

Three Midwestern girls trying to adult, documenting their awkward encounters and providing expert life advice. You're welcome.

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