Why Wedding Showers are the Worst

Champagne Glasses and Wedding Cake

I will never understand the concept of a wedding shower. You have an engagement party, you have a bachelorette party, you have the actual wedding – why must you throw another event in there? It’s just one more thing we have to buy a present for (or in my case, fork out cash because I’m classy and too lazy to look at the registry).

Basically it is a few hours out of your day that are spent awkwardly – and for the most part sober – with “grown-up” ladies we may or may not know. No one wants that. And you know what else no one wants? The “who’s next?” conversation that will inevitably come up. Yes, I know I’m single. Yes, I know my younger cousins/friends/sisters are closer to marriage than me. Yes I know it’s about time I settle down. Please, continue to remind me of all these things. And the worst part? I’m fine being single and 25. But try explaining that to the bride’s grandma…

And the games. Oh the games. Must we really force a group of acquaintances together to play awkward games, like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, or answering questions like “what was the couple’s third date?” Let’s just skip that part and move straight to cake.

Which brings me to the only redeeming quality bridal showers have – the free delicious snacks and desserts. Unless it’s a potluck, then you’re screwed.

Happy wedding season!