10 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Recently engaged and planning a wedding? Read this before you set your date!

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of getting married on New Year’s Eve. But living in the Midwest, this is always bound to be one of the coldest nights of the year.

So when I got engaged almost a year ago, I knew I’d have to do a lot of work to convince my fiance to have our wedding on the date I’ve always wanted. And let me tell you – even though it was -13 degrees that day, it was absolutely perfect. The pictures are beautiful, nothing went wrong, and all of our best friends and family were there to ring in the new year with us  in a cozy, warm banquet hall.

Lucky for me, this was an easy sell. We first met on NYE so the date has a special meaning for us (maybe I’ll write my next post on how to find your soulmate in a crowded bar full of drunk people). But if you’re not so lucky – here are some reasons to use when trying to convince your partner to deal with the cold and snow and set a winter wedding date.

  1. Total romance.
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    We’re pretty cute, I know.

    Candles, fireplace, warm blankets, you can incorporate as many romantic, classy details as you want and it’s completely fitting.

  2. You don’t have to fight friends or family for the date. Since most weddings are in the Spring (although I have to say, a lot of my friends are now choosing Fall over any other season), you won’t have to worry about stealing someone else’s date, or making your guests choose between weddings to attend. The only potential issue would be conflicts with company holiday parties. But we all know everyone hates going to those things, so a wedding is a perfect excuse to miss it!
  3. Save money on decorations. Most event venues and churches are already decorated for Christmas, so you’ll save a lot of money (or time if you’re the DIY type) by using the decor that’s already provided. I had to do nothing to church in which we were married. It was already decked out in greenery, lights and candles. Tadaa!
  4. Better chance of getting your dream venue. Every single wedding-planning timeline I looked at on Pinterest or in magazines led me to believe I needed to book my venue at least a year out. Hello stress! I’m going to let you in on a little secret…if you’re planning for a date in the winter, most all venues will still be open even three months out. And even better yet – a lot of venues offer off-season pricing at a discount.
  5. Flowers. They’re cheap and easy. You don’t have as many choices as in Spring or Summer when the majority of flowers are in bloom. I walked into Whole Foods the day before my wedding and found the perfect bouquets for a total of $60. Boom.
  6. Winterscape pictures. I was adamant against taking photos outside because I am the biggest baby when it comes to cold weather. But I’m so glad my photographer forced me into it. (Full disclaimer – I chugged half a glass of champagne immediately beforehand, so that helped.) Freshly fallen (or falling) snow is the perfect magical setting to capture how happy you and your partner look on that day. Summer backdrops can’t quite do the same.
  7. No strenuous arm workouts. In winter you can get away with wearing a long-sleeve dress to hid your un-toned arms 🙂
  8. It is perfect timing for a honeymoon.
    The view from breakfast on day 2 of our Hawaii honeymoon.

    I’ve had so many friends recommend booking your honeymoon soon after the wedding, or it will never happen. So if you get married in winter, what better than a warm-weather getaway to celebrate your new big commitment to each other! We waited a few weeks after the wedding so we could get our lives back in order, and then jetted off to Hawaii leaving negative temperatures and a foot of snow behind for 10 days and it was HEAVEN.

  9. Hot Cocoa Bar. Needs no explanation. Yum.
  10. Time to party! Whether you choose a fun holiday like I did, or a random weekend in winter – your friends and family will be looking for something fun to do after being cooped up inside for far too long. This is such a great opportunity to give them a reason to dress up, eat good food, drink a little to much and dance the night away.



Wine Country Vaca

If you’ve never been to northern California, plan a trip now. I was there last weekend for my cousin’s wedding in Napa, and it was a weekend full of delicious food, family time and an excessive amount of wine. Here’s my little weekend recap:


We arrived in San Fran around noon so we were able to check into our hotel and explore most of the afternoon. My mom, Aunt and I had delicious seafood at a restaurant at the Warf, while my dad and BF opted for In and Out IMG_2548Burger. Although I love burgers, I was naive on the first day of vaca and believed I could survive the weekend without over eating so I skipped In and Out. But don’t worry, it was eaten later in the weekend at about 1:00 a.m. after gulping down gallons of wine.

Friday Highlight: Going to The Buena Vista Cafe and drinking Irish Coffees. Irish coffees have like cream, coffee and whiskey in them – I think. Delicious! This is a must-go if you ever go to San Fran.


In the morning, we took a long walk to my cousin’s apartment – about 2.5 miles away – through Little Italy. It was a nice walk, cool outside. Lots of hills. We had a delicious breakfast at a cafe in Little Italy – yum! Saturday afternoon we headed to Napa for the first time for wine tasting and a welcome dinner for my cousin’s wedding. It was so great checking out some fun vineyards and catching up with family I haven’t seen in years.

IMG_2581Saturday Highlight: We were driving through Napa, taking in the gorgeous sites and trying to decide on which vineyard we wanted to check out. We started driving past the Menage a Trois vineyard and my mom pulled a U-turn faster than I’ve ever seen anyone turn around. It’s one of her fave wines in Wisconsin, so she had to go to a wine tasting of it in Napa. Weird, right? So we paid $5 to taste a tiny sample of three wines when a bottle usually costs about $5 in Wisco…


On Sunday we woke up full of regret after binge eating In and Out burger on Saturday night, so our walk was extra long in the morning. Once recovered from the night before, we got dolled up for my cousin’s wedding and headed back to Napa. On the way to the wedding we obviously stopped at two vineyards because, well, why not? We then made our way to Yountville for the wedding.IMG_2636

Sunday Highlight: Obviously my cousin’s wedding. It was gorgeous and so much fun. She looked amazing and the whole wedding was beautiful. Kristine & Mark, my cousin and her new husband, met in San Francisco so there was a lot of sentimental value in getting married at a vineyard there. The night was full of dancing, drinking, taking shots of Grey Goose – or GG 😉 – for my other cousin’s 21st birthday and playing with the fancy electronic bathrooms.


Monday was rough. We attempted to go for a walk, but ended up eating a huge breakfast at the Hollywood Cafe instead. We then spent the day biking around San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge and in Sausalito. At night we had another huge meal at the Warf and my aunt and I shared a huge, unnecessary fishbowl full of liquor.

IMG_2685Monday Highlight: Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge was amazing! I got a horrible sunburn, but it was totally worth it. The view is amazing. It took us about 3 hours to make the trek across the bridge to Sausalito, but it flew by. The only bad part was making it up the hills – so many hills. But we were rewarded with fish tacos and yummy Sangria in Sausalito.

The whole trip was awesome. I’m a little bit in love with northern California right now and need to go back. If you ever get a chance, go!

Why Wedding Showers are the Worst

Champagne Glasses and Wedding Cake

I will never understand the concept of a wedding shower. You have an engagement party, you have a bachelorette party, you have the actual wedding – why must you throw another event in there? It’s just one more thing we have to buy a present for (or in my case, fork out cash because I’m classy and too lazy to look at the registry).

Basically it is a few hours out of your day that are spent awkwardly – and for the most part sober – with “grown-up” ladies we may or may not know. No one wants that. And you know what else no one wants? The “who’s next?” conversation that will inevitably come up. Yes, I know I’m single. Yes, I know my younger cousins/friends/sisters are closer to marriage than me. Yes I know it’s about time I settle down. Please, continue to remind me of all these things. And the worst part? I’m fine being single and 25. But try explaining that to the bride’s grandma…

And the games. Oh the games. Must we really force a group of acquaintances together to play awkward games, like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, or answering questions like “what was the couple’s third date?” Let’s just skip that part and move straight to cake.

Which brings me to the only redeeming quality bridal showers have – the free delicious snacks and desserts. Unless it’s a potluck, then you’re screwed.

Happy wedding season!