Strugglefest Sunday


Here we are again, Sunday morning. I have a love/hate relationship with you.  All I want to do is keep drinking but the thought of alcohol makes me want to vomit. Anyone else feel the same way?

Because my life is such joke here’s what I’ve been up to this morning: Watched Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids, ate a bag of popcorn, almost threw up, woke up at S’s place (not shocking), watched the Nick and Jess kiss three times, researched hot guys on the internet, drunk dialed my friends and talked to the only one that answered, watched Sarah clean the kitchen, made a business plan to open a cat cafe in the states, made Sarah do my laundry and the best part – opened another beer.

Sunday funday, long hair don’t care, SUPER BOWL BEYONCE, livin’ the dream.Waking up still drunk is a curse and a blessing.

BTW did you notice there are two posts today? That is a productive Sunday. Everything is downhill from here.